30 Day Video Game Next Generation Challenge Day 9: The Stories of Hideo Kojima

We ran our first video game challenge all the way back at the end of 2020 so it’s definitely time to revisit it with a new challenge. While it says Next Generation in the title it’s going to focus on gaming across the board as it’s just our silly/clever way of saying it’s our second challenge within this realm.

Today, we want to get things going by talking about the games of Hideo Kojima. There’s a lengthy history of their works here, even if the bulk of it is one franchise, because there’s a lot of diversity among it. What’s the best and worst of their work?

Bonus Question: What’s the game that holds up the best and is the one to introduce new players to their style?

Extra Bonus Question: What’s the most ridiculous plot point they’ve used – in either a fun or bad way?