Weekly Games Thread Malas its Propism

Hey everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Bones here. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What games are you playing? What do you think of them? And a question: While introducing my partners to personal childhood classic Viva Piñata, I’ve always told the story that, because it was my first exposure to the sim game and life sim genres at the tender age of ten, I called them ‘garden games’ for many years after the gardener title you have in the game. Do you have any experiences with this kind of personal malapropism of the world of video games?

Other things: Thank you so much to everyone for reading the latest Game news Roundup, thanks to your support it became my most commented article since 2021! Perhaps I should switch back to Wednesday as my main publishing day? Relatedly, please look forward to GOTY 2022 coming at you next week! I also highly recommend you check out dear friend and colleague Wolfman Jew’s latest works at Pikachu in Pictures and the Fighter’s Spirit video series, not to mention Brakeman’s Franchise Festival Season 3!