Without him, Dinosaurs do not Walk the Earth: The John Williams Theme Tournament Semifinals

The good news, folks, is that my house is finally back in order after the Michigan ice storm. So for the next few days, I should be able to devote myself more to these tournaments. Here’s the breakdown of the quarterfinals:

The closest round was between #4 seed “Jaws” and fifth seed “Jurassic Park” with the dinosaurs winning by a single vote, 23-22. I expected a lot of close matches, but apparently you all like what you like, and that was the only real close match.

The greatest drubbing, and one I can hardly believe, was administered by the third seed, “Star Wars,” against “E.T.” (#6)

Sigh. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

(I’m kidding. It’s a fair cop. But I’m still ashamed of this place. 🙂 )The semifinals will remain open until Thursday, 3/2, at 9PM Eastern.

Link to the non-theme tournament: