John Williams Tournament (No Main Themes) Semifinals

Okay! I’m finally recovered from the ice storm and can now concentrate on this tournament into the homestretch! Last round we saw some great songs eliminated. My personal favorite “Princess Leia’s Theme,” at 8th seed, was no match for #1, the “Imperial March,” getting blown out of the water 30-6. That was the widest match. The closest was a tie between Raiders of the Lost Ark’s “Map Room: Dawn” (4th seed) and “The Asteroid Field” (5th seed) from The Empire Strikes Back. I broke the tie by sticking with Indy. It’ll move on to face The Imperial March in the semis.

There were no upsets. This second-to-last round will remain open until Thursday evening, 3/2 at 8PM Eastern.

Link to the main theme tournament: