John Williams Tournament (No Main Themes) Round of 16

As I said on the other tournament, I’m sorry for the delay here. I’ve got a sick little girl and also lots of family stuff that sprung up this weekend. But here’s the new round for you finally!

Last round’s results:

The biggest blow-out came from a Star Wars matchup, where “Binary Sunset” (You know, the Force Theme), the #3 seed, trounced #30’s “Cantina Band 2” by 24 points, 27-3.

The CLOSEST round was a tie between Star Wars’ “Cantina Band” (6th) and the “Love Theme” from Superman (27th), 13 votes apiece. I went with Superman and stand by the decision, and thereby gave this round its only real upset.

As far as franchises go, I kept “Superman” in it, with just one song left. “Jurassic Park” holds at 1.

“Indiana Jones” had the most solid round, dropping from 6 to 4. Star Wars is still in the lead, but its number was halved from 18 to 9 (though there were a couple matchups between SW pieces, so it was bound to happen).

This round will be open until Wednesday, 2/22 at 9 PM Eastern.

Link to the other (Main Theme) thread: