Nor do Men in Red Capes: The John Williams Theme Tournament Round of 16

Sorry for the delay on this everyone. Mug’s been under the weather and I’ve also been juggling family stuff these last couple of days. But here finally is the next round!

Last round’s results are as follows. There were a LOT of blow-outs, but none quite as large as the margin by which “Superman” (2nd seed) beat “Family Plot,” (31st seed) 27-1.

The closest matchup was an 8-8 tie between “Empire of the Sun” (18) and “Munich” (15). I had to break the tie on that one, going with Munich, but it was a tough call.

Unsurprisingly, all the big names won. The only thing that could be called any sort of “upset,” and I use scare-quotes advisedly, is “Minority Report” (12th seed) losing to “The Poseidon Adventure” (#21)

This new round will go on until Wednesday, 2/22, at 8PM Eastern.

Link to the OTHER tournament for non-main themes: