Beware The Monster Frankenpooh Night Thread

The Monster Frankenpooh is an episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in which Piglet (extremely reluctantly) tells his friends a scary story to entertain them on a dark night. Piglet wants to make the tale as non-threatening as possible, centering on a cheerful, harmless scientist, but once Tigger hijacks the narration, a terrible creature is created instead: The Monster FRANKENPOOH!

Unlike Cleanliness is Next to Impossible, this episode got several home video releases and even a book adaptation, making it one of the most popular of the show. As a kid, it made me laugh my butt of. As an adult…fuck it, it still makes me laugh my butt off. And compared to the rather clunky Cleanliness, this is 100% focused on comedy despite the horror element, from Pooh’s incredibly un-scary rants about his lust for honey as he rampages the village, to jokes that break the fourth wall repeatedly. Also, the animation on this one is great, fluid and with striking backgrounds which really help make this a highlight that remains a favorite among fans.

And no, Pooh doesn’t drive a car over a hogtied woman’s head. That would just be stupid.

Have a SPOOKY night, Avocados!