Comic Book Chat – Archie Comics

Today’s Comic Book Chat is all about Archie Comics.

One of my favorite memories is riding the bus to school in the morning and reading one of those Archie Digest collections. Now that I think of it, I’ll probably look for one next time I’m at Walmart or the Comic Book Shop.

Archie and his pals have been around for 80 years! I’m sure your grandparents and parents read Archie Comics back in the day.

I’m one of those readers that was glad to see them come back in a big way in the mid 2010s. I really enjoy the Archie Horror line.

Who are your favorite characters in the world of Archie?

Have you read any Archie comics? Do you prefer the classic tales or the newer ones?

Are you a fan of the live action Riverdale?

Do you have a favorite spinoff of Archie, like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, for example?

What would your dream crossover be with Archie? Remember Archie vs Punisher!?!?

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