Werewolf 200! Oops All Mods – Day Seven

Running. Running- she had to keep running. Nowhere was safe, nowhere would be safe, and so all she could do was run. They would be in Pierre’s. They would be at the movie theater. They would be in the community center. No; nowhere was safe- not the quarry, not the desert caves, maybe not even the Wizard’s Tower.

But there was a boat. If she could just get to Willie’s boat. It would take a lot- perhaps more than she had to give. 500 stones, 2 crabs, a bottle of syrup- whatever the cost, she would have to pay it. There was no thought of loss. Only escape.

The pixel corn was head-height and ready to be harvested, but there was no time. And so she ran through the corn that she had once planted in better days and hoped someone would survive to harvest it. At least the children, she thought. Surely they wouldn’t take the children.

But oh, it was so very different in the dark. Was she supposed to turn right or left to go to the boat? Directions had always been a confusing mess in the Valley, the darkness swallowing you whole and spitting you out-most of the time- where you wanted to go. She could not remember. She paused, and in that moment she was lost.

For they certainly would take the children, but why bother when she was right there? An innocent farmer, to be sure, but one who stood in their way. There was discussion- there always was discussion, as if there could be degrees of evil or strategies that cancelled out the death, the destruction, the chaos and carnage. They slipped easily through the corn, a silent pack, and she was surrounded before she knew it. Her cries were swallowed by the corn.

Eleanor awoke with a strange bump on her head, blinking in the bright lights. She thought she’d had permadeath turned off. Was this new game plus? When had Stardew even gotten new game plus. A hand helped her up, another patted her back, a third dusted her off. Kind smiles, kind, sorrowful eyes.

A figure cut through the crowd.

“I told you I was town!”

The group rolled their eyes and shushed her. “Ignore her,” Jake advised. “She thinks she’s being funny.”

“Where am I?” Eleanor asked in confusion. “Did we win?”

“Not yet,” Jake replied. “But we still might.”

(They probably wouldn’t, Lindsay thought)

Eleanor has died. She was Vanilla Town.

The Maltese Falcon is still in play, but it has changed! It now grants only a TRACK (2-shot). It can be passed around during the day. Whoever has it at night may use the action and then must hand it off the next day.

  1. Goat
  2. Grump
  3. Hoho (in for Tiff)
  4. Indy
  5. Lamb
  6. Moolissa
  7. Mustard
  8. Pablo
  9. Queequeg
  10. Ralph
  11. Side
  12. EleanorVT, Died N6
  13. Anna aka “PersistingDeviation” (in for Spooky)VT, Died D6
  14. ChumTown Trapper, Died D5
  15. BeinggreenVT, Died N4
  16. ForeverTown Neapolitan, Died N4
  17. Jam/LutJester, Died D4
  18. MSDTown Doctor, Died N3
  19. CopywightVanilla WOLF, Purged D3
  20. LindsayWOLF Backup, Purged D3
  21. MarloweVT, Purged D3
  22. RavenTown JOAT, Purged D3
  23. JosephusTown Mailman, Died D3
  24. RimVT, Died N2
  25. CopTown Friendly Neighbor, Died N2
  26. NarrowVT, Died N2
  27. StarsVT, Died D2
  28. JakeTown JOAT, Died N1
  29. WaspTown Asshole, Died N1
  30. SicVT, Died D1

7 5 Wolves

  • Backup – Inherits the role of the first roled wolf to die.

1 0 Independent

  • Jester – Your objective is to be voted out on day 2 or later. If you achieve this, you win along with whichever faction wins the game; if you don’t, you lose.

10 2 Roled Town

  • Asshole – Each night you can hide behind a player. If someone tries to kill you, the person you’re hiding behind will die instead; if someone tries to kill the person you hide behind, both of you die.
  • JOAT (Role Investigator / Vig / Watcher) – 1x Role Investigator (see someone’s role name but not alignment), 1x Vigilante (night 2+), 1x Watcher (see who visits the targeted player, but not what they did). Can be used in any order.
  • JOAT (Role Investigator / Roleblocker / Tracker) – 1x Role Investigator, 1x Roleblocker, 1x Tracker (see who the targeted player visits, but not what they did). Can be used in any order.
  • Friendly Neighbor – Each night (starting Night 0), you can choose a player who will be told that you are Town.
  • Mailman – Can send someone a message each night.
  • Doctor – Each night you can protect someone from being killed.
  • Neapolitan – Each night you can choose a player, and you’ll be told whether or not they’re Vanilla (but not their alignment).
  • 1x Trapper – Each night you can set a trap on a player; if someone visits them, the visitor gets killed (it doesn’t block whatever action they may have been performing though). If nobody steps in the trap it’s not spent.

12 4 VT

(My, this section sure is light on information, isn’t it? But you never know what you’ll hear at night)

  • Do not edit or delete posts for any reason.
  • The Wolf kill is mandatory and is carried out by a designated Wolf.
  • In the event of a tie, one of the tied players will be eliminated randomly.
  • Autokill is only in effect after everyone has voted.
  • Town wins when all Wolves are eliminated. Wolves win when their numbers equal Town (or when nothing can be done to prevent this).
  • Play the game! Inactivity may result in replacement.
  • Quoting: do not directly reference any communication with the Mod that happened outside the game threads. You can claim whatever you like in whatever wording you like, as long as the claim does not imply Mod authority.
  • No game talk after twilight.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Be kind.
  • A player can only perform one night action per night.
  • Night Action Priority: Commuting > Blocking > Protection > Investigation > Kills
  • VT Message: “You are Vanilla Town.”


(Thanks to Anna for the day’s theme and flavor)

Twilight will be at 3pm Central on Thursday, February 9

TODAY IS KiLo (Town must kill a wolf today or the game will be over)