The Tabletop Thread 2/8/23

In light of this being a tabletop game thread of all sorts I thought we might branch out just a bit to talk about a tabletop board game instead of the usual focus on TTRPGs, although they are still most welcome.

Today’s thread I want to talk about one of my all time favorite games: Carcassonne!

Carcassonne is a tile placement game where you take turns putting down tiles with cities, roads, farms and other highlights of the landscape of southern France. You score points based on finishing features that are claimed by meeples of your color. A very simple game, there’s deep nuance to it and with a lot of extra supplements of new tiles and new rules and features therein it’s a game I can play basically forever without it feeling stale.

Carcassonne plays well with 2-8 people, one of a very few games that I can say that about. Many games that are good for crowds aren’t well suited for 1 v 1 play, but this is an exception. Easy to learn and hard to master, Carcassonne is a classic for a reason and I highly recommend it!

Light of Xaryxis Characters and Info

Our group started in Eberron running through the Light of Xaryxis module that was released as part of the recent Spelljammer set for D&D 5e. Josephus Brown is taking the reins as DM, and our new characters include:

  • The Wonderful Wizard AN (Plasmoid Divination Wizard) The Wasp 
  • Delilah Delethorn (Satyr Swashbuckler Rogue) TheHayesCode
  • Geenie Crambits (Halfling Undying Light Warlock) Spiny Creature
  • Okassaath Ch’katroth d’Tharashk (Half-Orc [Mark of Finding] Arcane Archer Fighter/Stars Druid) CleverGuy 
  • Tekili-Li (Wildhunt Shifter Twilight Cleric) Otto 
  • Ximon (Fire Genasi Swords Bard) Wafflicious
Last game…

Today’s write up comes from Spiny Creature:

Dear diary,

I’ve been bad about journaling lately, but scripture reminds us how important it is for any Solar Positivist to filter out toxins in their thoughts by writing them down. So I’m going to try to be better!

Earlier I was writing about my day in the arena fighting for the amusement of Vocath, a power broker who we could only impress by going gladiator.

The first two fights in his arena left most of us pretty battered, but there was still one more round to impress him. He brought out a megapede named “Queen Gorma”. I’m not sure if he just gave her that name or if megapedes actually have queens. She really reminded me of my mom, now that I think of it.

Queen Gorma was spitting acid and poison from her mouth (again, would have called her Mom) and nearly brought Kass and Ximon down right away. To have any chance of winning, Ximon polymorphed her into a mole so we could have a few seconds to heal.

The audience hated that we turned her into a mole instead of fighting, but Tekeli at least entertained them by turning heel and flipping off Vocath.

Once we were healed, An (who I had polymorphed into a gelatinous wooly mammoth!) used her mammoth trunk to throw the mole into a Moonbeam spell, turning it back into its megapede self, and it was on again.

An gored Queen Gorma pretty good with her jelly tusks, but Queen Gorma gored her right back and made her turn into her normal, squishy, non-mammoth self. Thank Dol that Delilah parried one of Gorma’s attacks just enough to keep An standing.

Shortly after, Delilah stabbed the megapede and brought her down. We had about two seconds to enjoy the audience cheering before the day took an unexpected turn.

See, Princess Xedalli, who’s been leading the resistance against her family’s empire and trying to save Eberron and all of that, was in the audience at the arena? And her brother Prince Xeleth showed up on the back of an astral dragon and demanded she return to the empire? 

Prince Xeleth claims their father, the old emperor, is dead and that she needs to return to attend and legitimize the prince’s coronation.

Princess Xedalli is the only one with the power to stop her family from destroying our planet, so obviously we wanted to help her, but… we were close to dead and he was the most powerful man in space on a dragon. What could we do? 

We made some attempts to talk him down, and Tekeli was even ready to go to battle for the princess, but she begged us not to get involved. She said she had no choice but to return to the empire with her brother. How or when she’ll get free of him and rejoin the rebellion, I don’t know. 

After the princess left, though, Delilah told us something… interesting. Apparently the princess made an illusion of herself and went invisible for just a moment. While invisible, she slipped a ring in Delilah’s pocket and told her we would need it to save our planet.

…So An is working on figuring out what the heck this ring does. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out if this means Delilah and the Princess actually <i>are</i> engaged. I’ll keep you posted!