Without him, Bikes Don’t Really Fly: The John Williams Scores Tournament Seeding Round!

You should watch Spielberg’s speech, from where I get the title

Hello! Welcome to the seeding round for the master of musical scores, John Towner Williams. In this tournament, every movie theme of his (that I could find) will be in the running, from Diamond Head to The Fablemans. I have left off sequels: The main score of Star Wars is the same for all nine movies scored by Williams. If anyone objects that I must, absolutely must include Jaws 2 or something, post it I guess?

Also, “main theme” doesn’t necessarily mean “opening fanfare.” I mean, obviously “The Raiders March” is our Indiana Jones entry. That said, if you think I’ve made a wrong choice for movies where I couldn’t find an obvious theme… say, Munich or The Post, let me know.

NB: I am considering running another concurrent tournament for other John Williams pieces like Princess Leia’s Theme, and the Map Room, because I think they should get their day, but I didn’t want this to be just a love-fest for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I’ll post a poll to see what y’all think.

For this seeding round, I have ordered the scores chronologically, beginning in 1963, when he was 31. This man’s been making music for a long time, yo. I’ll keep this open for a couple of days and see if people think I should run a non-score tournament too, or not.

Okay, I’m doing a concurrent tournament for NOT main scores, here: https://the-avocado.org/2023/02/05/the-john-williams-no-main-themes-tournament-nominations/

Voting for seeding here is open until Wednesday, 2/8, at 9PM Eastern