The Friday Politics Thread That Became Mixed Up Zombies

Hello, and Welcome back to Fridays! Another week is in the can and it’s almost time for the Weekend. Do you have any plans or playing it by ear? I’m probably going to go on a hike. Unless it’s terrible weather then I’ll go fly a kite on the beach.

This week is Brazilian Black and Soul Musician Liniker. Liniker has one of the best voices in Music today that mixes a little raspiness with a powerful low pitch that’s both very pretty and very versatile. If you like music like Jazz, Samba, Soul, Bossa Nova, and Funk Carioca then you’re going to love Liniker!

Her Tiny Desk Concert from 2019
Vitoriosa from 2022

That’s all she wrote! Remember to Follow the rules, Respect The Moose And Squirrel, Remember Which Name you’re using today (talking to you George!) And be excellent to each other!

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