The Tabletop Thread is a little late (2/1/23)

Sorry for the somewhat late thread today, I need to start scheduling these further in advance.

Today’s optional discussion topic is BBEG! Big Bad Evil Guys (note: may not always be guys), the main antagonist of a long campaign or sometimes just the one that plagues you the most. I want to hear about the ones you’ve faced, the ones you written for your own campaigns or just the ones you’ve always wanted to play with or against. Let’s talk antagonists today!

Light of Xaryxis Characters and Info

Our group started in Eberron running through the Light of Xaryxis module that was released as part of the recent Spelljammer set for D&D 5e. Josephus Brown is taking the reins as DM, and our new characters include:

  • The Wonderful Wizard AN (Plasmoid Divination Wizard) The Wasp 
  • Delilah Delethorn (Satyr Swashbuckler Rogue) TheHayesCode
  • Geenie Crambits (Halfling Undying Light Warlock) Spiny Creature
  • Okassaath Ch’katroth d’Tharashk (Half-Orc [Mark of Finding] Arcane Archer Fighter/Stars Druid) CleverGuy 
  • Tekili-Li (Wildhunt Shifter Twilight Cleric) Otto 
  • Ximon (Fire Genasi Swords Bard) Wafflicious
Last time on our spelljamming journey:

Today’s recap is from TheCleverGuy, many thanks!

As soon as we agreed to participate in his game, Vocanth teleported us into an octagonal sandy arena, with a large crowd of people lining the walls to watch. We needed to win three fights with no time to rest in between.

We had barely a minute to prepare before our first opponents appeared in the arena. Tekeli-Li Blessed most of us, and then two 4-armed, orange-skinned giants appeared in the arena with us, looking very confused. Ximon and Delilah leapt into action, closing in with one of the giants. While Geenie followed up with a couple of Eldritch Blasts, I tried to pin the other one down in an area of Spike Growth. That got its attention on me, though, and it was smart enough not to try moving through the spikes. Instead it just lobbed a couple of boulders at me. Luckily Tekili was right there to cure some of my wounds. Then, AN conjured up a Wall of Fire right on top of both of the giants. That certianly got the giant to risk moving through those spikes.

By mostly focusing on at a time, we felled the giants without too much more trouble. But they were replaced immediately by a pair of skavvers and a huge bipedal monster three horns on its head and a spiky tail. The crowd went wild and started chanting, “Brutus, Brutus!” The creatures had appeared very close to where AN and Geenie were, so we all started rushing over as soon as we could to try and protect them. Tekili brandished her holy symbol and summoned up a sphere of twilight around herself. Being inside that sphere made us all feel a little bit better. While AN and Geenie tried to get away, the rest of us focused our efforts on the skavvvers first, taking them out with relative ease. Brutus was a different story. My arrows were just bouncing off his hide, and we completely immune to AN’s Mind Sliver. And if that wasn’t enough, his eyes suddenly flashed and AN, Ximon, Delilah, and Geenie all dropped their weapons and started running.

If only the arena wasn’t quite so big–everyone would have been fine if they could stay close to Tekili for a short time. But the rest of the team was running so fast, and in so many different directions, that Tekili couldn’t keep up. And suddenly, there I was, face to face with Brutus and the only target in his range. I was knocked out pretty fast. When I came to, thanks to Ximon’s Healing Word, shouted from across the arena, I was laying just outside of a dark circle that was making some truly terrifying sounds. Before I could move though, Brutus came charging out of it and must have noticed me stirring because I was knocked out again. I woke up just in time to see Brutus squash AN into jelly. Geenie was there and apparently gotten over her fright, she used her power to heal AN and then Polymorphed her into a jelly mammoth! Brutus was distracted and looked like he was close to going down–I knew I had a shot. I launched an arrow, only to watch it bounce of Brutus’s Shield spell. Thankfully, before he could do anything else, Geenie called down a Sacred Flame and Brutus wasn’t fast enough to dodge. The monster collapsed and the crowd went crazy.

And that’s when the Megapede showed up…