Comic Book Review – Marvel Two – In – One #1 (December 2017)

Marvel Two in One #1 (December 2017)

Writer – Chip Zdarsky

Artist – Jim Cheung

Spinning out of the conclusion of Secret Wars (2015), Marvel Two in One stars Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm as they deal with the tragedy of losing Reed, Sue, Franklin, and Valeria. Johnny has become more hot headed and reckless than ever before as Ben tries to find a new path for himself in the wake of the loss of his family. The Infamous Doctor Doom visits Ben and offers him an orb, which was “taken “from the Baxter Building by Victor during the final incursions of the multiverse. Ben activates the orb and it plays a message from Reed. Reed offers Ben a chance to keep exploring the unknown like the good old days and bequeaths him a device called the Multisect. Ben tracks down Johnny and offers him an opportunity to travel the multiverse to find the rest of the Fantastic Four. Little do they know; Doom is watching their every move.

The benefits of working from home – continuing to dig around in short boxes and reading comics on your breaks and lunch.

Do you remember the time that Marvel Comics decided to put The Fantastic Four and the X-men on the back burner? This decision still irks me as I’m sure it does most of you. Marvel Two in One would eventually set up the return of the Fantastic Four and all would be right with the world again for a time. When Chip Zdarsky takes the reins of an established comic property, you know it’s in good hands. Not only does he pay homage to what previously came before, he fills his stories with the right mix of action, comedy, and heart. When I think about all of the DC and Marvel characters he has written during his tenure in comics, I don’t recall him receiving any type of negative backlash or feedback from fans and readers at all. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

The best part about catching up on comics from 5 plus years ago is that if I like the issue I’ve read, I can probably find the trade paperback to read the rest of the story cheap at comic shops online, at my local library, or on Hoopla. The bad part is that I’m neglecting my current read pile.

I liked how Victor Von Doom is trying so hard to be a hero but is having a difficult time overcoming his previous villainous ways. Will he help Ben and Johnny find the rest of the Richards family or will he do what it takes to ensure they stay lost forever? It’s too early to tell what decision he will make. Knowing Victor, he will want to save Reed Richards so that he can be the one to destroy his nemesis at a later time and savor that victory forever.

What will be the final “Fate of the Four”? There’s only one way to find out. That’s by joining Ben, Johnny, (and possibly Victor) on an adventure that will take them to strange new world in the multiverse and beyond!