The Day Thread Observed On

♫ Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday
Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday ♫
— Skip this header if you must, but stream the video and find yourself floored anew by Chrissy Hynde’s mid-lyrics octave drops.

December 26 usually means nothing to your workaday American. Your average Joe or Joan Twelve-Pack typically spends the day following Christmas working. What most Anglophones celebrate as Boxing Day, your present Open Thread host almost always marks as naught but another 24-hour period of no particular significance.

Except for this very Monday. President Joe Biden1 declared 12/26/2022 a federal holiday to cover for the reality of the 25th falling on a Sunday. What maybe did not happen yesterday did happen this some day. Making the featured video and epigraph apt.

As a particular lyricist might record and suggest,

Common laborer by night
By day highbrow

Back in my room I wonder then I
Sit on the bed, look at the sky

So lounge and loaf, Americados. Or join Brit- and Canacados in providing your companion feline with an empty container. Perchance pretend your pooch boasts a barrel chest and square muzzle.2 Boxes and boxers for all!

Or whatever actually happens on Boxing Day.

Now, who does one lobby for shutting down the U.S. economy to observe Epiphany on January 6? And pretty much every religious observance under each faith tradition?