The 2022 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round I

Welcome, one and all, to Round I of the 2023 Avocado Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture! Now isn’t this exciting? This will be our seventh year at this—here we are in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016! We’re just like Giftmas!… Just, you know, less classy.

So, what are the Peely’s? Well, they’re our award show for the silliest, stupidest, frustrating-est, and most problematic things within this calendar year of pop culture. Everything, from radio to fashion to cuisine, is included. It’s a fantastic part of December for the Avocado, filled with mirth and comments so frequent that it can slow down the thread (please be patient if that happens. We’ll advertise the thread over the coming days and pay attention to the numbers). It takes place over two weeks: Round I, Round II, and the announcement of the winners.

While it was quieter than the previous two years, 2022 had a lot of dumb stuff. The Sonic guy got arrested twice! One of the biggest media corporations in the world is being stripped for parts by a reality TV man! Elon Musk is… everything happening with him! There was a fucking Postal game, because even more rightwing contrarianism was what this year fucking needed. Truly it was Morbin’ Time.

What distinguishes the Peely’s from other award shows is the degree of user input: it’s YOU who helps determine not just the winners, but the categories themselves! In Round I we vote specifically for categories. If you have an idea you think is good, just suggest it in a comment! Upvote all the ones you like; that’s how voting works here. And don’t feel bad about voting for rival things—in fact, we want you to vote for rival nominees! In Round II the winners will stand alongside our staple categories: Worst Video Game, Worst Novel, Worst Television Season, Worst Album, Worst Game, and Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2022.

This can be a lot, so here’s a few examples of categories we’ve used in prior years: Skeeviest-ass male lead. Worst sex scene. Weirdest thing in sports to adapt to COVID. Dumbest moment that’s still fun in a lizard brain kind of way. Worst advertisement. Worst line of dialogue in a terrible work. Worst line of dialogue in an otherwise good work. Notice that these run the gamut of mean to goofy to more seriously critical, and all for a wide variety of topics. We’re not the Razzie’s; we can be mean, at times, but pure meanness is not what drives us. We try to play with the brighter sides of mockery, and we invite you to do the same. Why else would we make Eric Roberts our mascot?

To note, this round isn’t 100% democratic. We may not include some categories that won if we’re concerned that they can’t hold enough nominees, but we’ll also make sure to include a few that didn’t get a lot of votes but sound good. We also just ask that you generally try to suggest categories that can support at least five nominees (so please no “most mendacious Elon Musk eyebrow,” for example).

So get in those comments and start nominatin’! Round II is exactly one week from today.