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The Thursday Politics Thread Has A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

The Ex-President teased that he has a major announcement set to be made today. What will it be?

He’s running. Wait, he’s already running.

He’s suspending his campaign. Ha ha, that’s cute.

Uh, he’s gonna run for Speaker of The House.

Or maybe:

His campaign is a damp squib and he’s just looking for attention.

Anyways, there’s other stuff to talk about. Here’s the link to the incredibly cringe teaser trailer for the announcement. I ain’t postin’ it in the header. https://twitter.com/i/status/1603135029982334976 Let us not give him any more attention than this.

In other news, the UN Security Council continues to be an objectively bad idea when you have permanent member states that are perennial bad actors. Western efforts to investigate Iran’s supply of drones have been stymied by Russia. Western states like the US and other European powers have claimed that The 2015 Iran Deal precludes any member nation from receiving ballistic missiles or drones from Iran and that they have reason to believe that Iran is supplying Russia with drones for its’ war in Ukraine. The US claims to have definitive evidence of this happening after the invasion began. Iran denies this.

In fact, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has received letters from both sides, weekly, with entirely contradictory information. Russia and Iran claim that any drone transfers happened well before the war began, and moreover, an investigation can only begin after a decision has been reached by the Security Council, a body Russia just so happens to have a permanent seat on. As of now, no investigations have begun. We made fun of the UN and Hans Blix in the lead-up to the Iraq War but at least there were weapons inspectors. No excuse here. It’s just Russia putting the thumb on the scale because it can.


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