Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (12/13)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss films with your fellow commenters. Want to make a recommendation? Looking for recommendations? Want to share your opinions of movies, both new and classic? 

This week premieres the long awaited sequel to Avatar. The Way of Water will finally put to lie all those snide jokes about when an Avatar sequel is coming out? This was not helped by James Cameron himself, who seemed to imply that he was going to spend the rest of his life either going on deep sea submarine dives or making Avatar movies. Did anyone want to see Avatar sequels? Maybe one year after the movie ended, the answer would be no. But more than a decade later? Not such a bad gamble, Cameron.

You know his movies. You’ve seen hims movies. On this list of highest grossing movies worldwide, Avatar is #1 and Titanic is #3. Both of these films were predicted by pundits to flop hard. Both times Cameron laughed all the way to the bank.

Fans of sci-fi action are spoiled for choice: Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Cameron cut his teeth working for Roger Corman on sci-fi films, and his attention to special effects shows. Even in Titanic, a film generally regarded as romance, Cameron took great care to develop miniatures of the ship that still look incredible today. He has a perfectionist eye for detail, which can make him insufferable but does pay off on the screen.

During Avatar‘s time, for example, CGI was starting to be used as a way to cut corners to not have to pay for practical effects. Hats of to Cameron: he went all in on the CGI, but instead he went “You are going to see the most expensive CGI the world has ever seen.” A logical progression from him designing spaceships on Battle Beyond the Stars.

Today’s bonus prompt: What is your favorite film directed by James Cameron?