Comic Book Chat – Announcement Plus Love and Rockets 40th Anniversary

Good afternoon and welcome to Comic Book Chat!

Before we dive into this week’s topic – there is a special announcement! The Pits Awards for 2022 are on the horizon.

Voting for Best Comic Book and Best Comic Strip or Webcomic will go live on Monday December 19th. Voting will last until 12pm EST on December 27th. Now is the time to start gathering your Top Ten list for each category.

This week’s CBC Topic is the 40th Anniversary of Love and Rockets by The Hernandez Brothers. I was looking at the Fantagraphics online store over Thanksgiving weekend and saw they have a box set of the first fifty issues of this series for sale. As of now, it’s out of stock!

I also saw an article online about the anniversary and I figured we should have a discussion about this long-lasting and legendary comic series before the end of the year.

A close friend who I work with is a big fan of Love and Rockets and has been trying to get me to check it out. I figured it might be a daunting task at this point, but I should give it a try. I am including a reading order for mine and everyone else’s benefit.

I remember seeing a copy of Love and Rockets in a movie growing up and that was the first time it was on my radar.

Have you read the series and if so, what do you like about it and can you recommend a place to dive in?

Where does it rank on your own personal list of independent comics?

Do the stories still stand the test of time and what does this series have to say about our humanity and society as a whole?

Are there any works from the Hernandez Brothers outside of Love and Rockets you can recommend?

Thanks for stopping by to Chat!