Job Rants Thread – 12/8/2022 – Buzz-ed

Hey, all; Happy and Healthy Friday Thursday –

Since 2020, my brother has been working from home at least 90% of the time. He even has a complete home-office set up by which to do so. Furthermore, he also has a reasonably-sized team working under him that he has managed to lead, quite effectively, both pre-and post-pandemic. I bring up these facts because, I got a text from him last night stating that, despite everything listed above, he has spent the last few driving several miles out of his way to attend “mandatory in-person leadership training.”

Now, given the advances in remote communications of the past few years, I naturally asked him why he couldn’t just remote into the meeting; especially given that, as a software programmer, he is both more than capable of multitasking, and consistently under some manner of deadline. His response was that his company wanted to, -let’s see, here-“energize [them] and “promote meaningful encounters in [their] office.”

Well, after coming to from the blood vessel bursting in my brain, my sympathy for him gave way to annoyance, then anger. It’s been three years; what is this block that gets between certain companies and working from home? Of course, there will always be those positions which can never be done, remotely. However, if one can, and there’s the infrastructure in place to do it, I ask then, dear God, why not?!

While there are several ways to answer that question, I personally think it has to do with people having to create and read all those buzzwords and corporate newspeak. Seriously; think of how painful it was to read the end of the second paragraph, now imagine being the ones who came up with it in the first place. Anyone capable of stringing those words together in that order has long since had their brains turned to ever-so-much Yoplait; of course logic and reason no longer apply!

I suppose this sort of thing is why, whenever we both hang out, alcohol is consumed in bacchanalian quantities. Though, when faced with what I spoke of, above, what other recourse is there, really?

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and great weekend. And remember: be sure to synergize your core competencies with an eye toward maximizing your productivity and connectivity.

NOTE FROM THE FUTURE:Annnnnd, I put this up on the wrong day; great. Well, I hope y’all enjoyed the extra day of ranting, at least. I’m just going to go and ponder my life choices.