Werewolf 197: Sweet Werewolf High #3, PLAYING WITH FIRE

What kind of school holds three dances in three days? I hardly have any inventory left.

The front door chimed as a customer walked in. “Hey hey hey, how’s my favorite store? I’m trying to date this handsome father and am hoping to curry favor with his identical twin daughters. What do you have that’s size six?”

The manager stood up from behind the desk to see a blonde woman with pink lips and surprisingly hard nipples. The only items she had left in that size were two pastel-striped shirts and their matching bottoms. With a resigned sigh, the manager displayed the outfits to the delight of the young, hip mom. Having no inventory left, the manager turns the sign to closed and flicked off the store lights. Foxy Mama’s had gone out of business.

Miss Rim has died. She was SWEET WEREWOLFITE (Vanilla Town)

Mrs. George knocked on the door to the split-level ranch house that she hoped would be hers someday. She flashed a wide smile to Ned Wakefield as he opened the door to invite her in. Mrs. George sets her purse on the counter as she thrusts the gift for the twins into Ned’s hands. Ned set the gift down as he took Mrs. George’s hands and guided her to sit with him on the couch.

“I’m sorry but I’ve recently reconnected with my wife, Alice Wakefield much to the delight of my three children Jessica, Elizabeth, and Steven Wakefield.” Ned professed with a regretful smile.

“You mean that you have three children? You, you lied to me!” Wailed Mrs. George as her dreams were cruelly ruined by the mention of the hidden son. She never realized that people would ever have more than two daughters. “I bet Alice isn’t even a cool mom.” Mrs. George hissed as she hurriedly tossed the snacks and condoms she brought into her purse before rushing out the door. Mrs. George wasn’t sure where to go next, pondering her next move she stepped out into the street where she was hit by a school bus.

Jake has died. She was SWEET WEREWOLFITE (Vanilla Town)



Elizabeth Wakefield

She’s a total snoop top reporter for her high school newspaper The Oracle, investigator and part time lover

Jessica Wakefield

She’s the center of attention and is willing to do anything to be the most popular, 1 shot vig – earns 2nd shot if she hits Bruce

Lila Fowler

Takes a spin in a lime green Triumph, jailer

Enid Rollins

Would do anything for Elizabeth, including dying, bodyguard

Todd Wilkins

Elizabeth breaks up with Todd but the next day they’re back together like nothing happened, part time lover

Regina Morrow

Has a heart murmur. Dies if Cocaine or majority day votes her, immune from night kills while Cocaine exists, vote martyr

(5) Sweet Werewolfite – Your only job is to be attractive and vote for the next dance’s Royalty, vanilla town


Bruce Patman

Drives out of town for one night in his Porsche with the license plate 1BRUCE1, wolf commuter


Kills Regina if day votes her, must be on Regina at end of day, wolf bounty hunter

Scott Daniels

Strands people making their day vote useless, wolf voteblocker

John Pfiefer

Blows up your house to block night your night action, wolf roleblocker


(SKs share a win if they can kill both Jessica and Elizabeth)


Desperate to replace one of the twins, serial killer


You killed her sister, Margo, serial killer

  1. MSD – Wednesday AdaMSD
  2. Josephus – Dave Davison, vigintoquintuplet
  3. jake – Mrs George aka Cool Mom Sweet Werewolfite
  4. Wasp – Kimberly Hall
  5. Goat – Valley Goat Sweet Werewolfite
  6. Hayes – Dudley
  7. Marlowe – 90210 Margo, Serial Killer
  8. Pablo Pizazzo – Reporting from Spider Fashion Week
  9. Tiff – Channing Tatum
  10. Nate – Hidden Valley Ranch
  11. Thoughts – SVH Wiki Quotes
  12. Hols – Tiffany Turtle
  13. Lindsay – Evan Hansen Sweet Werewolfite
  14. Cop – Movie-realistic Teacher Enid
  15. Miss Rim – Foxy Mama’s Sweet Werewolfite
  16. Indy – Lenny Wosniak, normal high school kid
  17. Stars – 10 Things I Hate About You
  18. Chum – Veronica Sawyer Sweet Werewolfite
  19. April – Jimmy Carter
  20. Sic – 500th Day of Summer
  21. Copy – Tammy Metzler Sweet Werewolfite
  22. Flubba – Corey Hotline
  23. Eleanor – Luz, Witch Extraordinaire

Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without permission. Failure to comply may result in a boyfriend-kill.

Night Action Order of Operations: Maximized for the most fun at the party.

All actions cannot be repeated on the same player on consecutive nights.

The ghostwriters often forget to update the SWH Bible, oops!

Ties will result in all tied players being killed.

Should a GIRLBOSS (Get In a Relationship, Last Babe to Obey Stays Single) scenario occur, auto-kill will not come into effect until all living players have voted.

Please be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

Twilight will be Friday, December 9th at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/3pm Eastern/8pm WET/9pm CET

Will Town keep killing themselves instead of the Wolves? Find out in Sweet Werewolf High #14 DECEPTIONS