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ICE Accidentally Leaks Names and Data of More Than 6,000 Immigrants Online

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated on Monday that they accidentally posted a document containing information on about 6,252 immigrants seeking protection who are currently in their custody, according to the Los Angeles Times. The document, uploaded on a public-facing website, was available for all to see for about five hours until the department realized what had happened.

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Recent Anti-Trans Articles Miss the Point of Gender-Affirming Care

In this op-ed, Kaiyti Duffy, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, responds to recent anti-trans articles and the impact they can have on the community.

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Chris Christie’s niece kicked off New Orleans plane, injured 6 deputies, officials say

After getting forced off an airplane for asking passengers who appeared to her to be Latino whether they were drug mules, a niece of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie bit, kicked and spit on Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies trying to detain her on Thanksgiving Day at Louis Armstrong International Airport, authorities said.


DOJ: Jailed Jan. 6 rioter tried to sell mob footage to Pelosi’s documentarian daughter

In a sentencing memo, the Justice Department urges U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich to impose a 63-month jail sentence for Ronald Sandlin.


Threats to protesters in Emmett Till rally prompt cancelation of Christmas parade in Kentucky

Protesters planned a rally Saturday afternoon to call for justice for Emmett Till in Bowling Green, Kentucky where his accuser, Carolyn Bryant Donham, allegedly lives.

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Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds

A second Indiana judge on Friday blocked the state from enforcing its law banning most abortions after Jewish, Muslim and other non-Christian women challenged it in a lawsuit.


More than 60 percent of women, 50 percent of men favor stricter gun laws: Gallup

Majorities of both men and women say they are in favor of stricter gun laws, a Gallup poll released on Friday found.

A total of 62 percent of women in the survey said that gun laws should be made stricter, compared to 51 percent of men who said the same.

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Uvalde Survivors File $27 Billion Class-Action Lawsuit Against Authorities

The federal lawsuit is seeking damages for “the indelible and forever-lasting trauma” caused by the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School


Photos: “We don’t feel safe here.” A transgender teen and their family flee Texas.

Texas policies targeting access to health care for transgender youth forced one family to leave the state.

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They Lost Their Kids at Sandy Hook 10 Years Ago. Their Fight is For Life

Ten years later, the Bardens are at the forefront of a new political force in America: a group of parents who have experienced unimaginable loss, and who are channeling their pain into pursuing legislative changes and promoting preventative measures within schools.

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Louisiana Launches Tip Line to Accuse Librarians of ‘Sexualizing Children’

The website is being launched amidst right-wing efforts to ban LGBTQ books and smear allies as ‘groomers.’


The Oath Keepers Got Convicted. Now What?

Prosecutors may have taken down the group’s leaders, but there could be an anti-government backlash.


Longtime Arizona GOP Rep. Jim Kolbe dies at 80

Jim Kolbe, a Republican congressman who represented a heavily Democratic region of Arizona for more than two decades and was a proponent of gay rights, has died. He was 80.

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Florida mulls U-turn on move to strip Disney theme-parks of self-governing status – FT

Florida lawmakers are mulling plans to reverse a move that would strip Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) of its right to operate a private government around its famous theme-parks, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing people briefed on the plan.


Herschel Walker Is Happy to Use Anti-Trans Hate to Get Elected

At the same time that families of victims in the Club Q shooting were being notified about their dead, U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker decided to attack transgender people in a bid to lift his troubled campaign. As part of his closing argument to represent Georgia, Walker unleashed an ad on banning transgender people from competing in sports which corresponds to our gender. By doing so he is contributing to the climate of fear which led to the deadly attack on Transgender Day of Remembrance.


10 Trans Attorneys Were Just Admitted to Practice Before the Supreme Court

“We look just like you, we argue cases just like you, we have successes and occasionally lose cases just like you.”


Drag events targeted with threats & violence 124 times so far in 2022

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh called on police to “break down the doors” of LGBTQ clubs and arrest drag queens. A firebombing followed.

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D&D is replacing the word ‘race’ in character creation: ‘we do not intend to return to that term’

“Dungeons & Dragons has a history of evolving to meet the needs of our players and foster an inviting space for everyone”, the blog post explains. “With that in mind, we understand ‘race’ is a problematic term that has had prejudiced links between real world people and the fantasy peoples of D&D worlds. The usage of the term across D&D and other popular IP has evolved over time. Now it’s time for the next evolution.”

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After record election year, some LGBTQ lawmakers face a new challenge: GOP majorities

“It is the day in, day out, conversations with people. The humanizing effect of working with someone, and working with someone who over the course of the legislative session will get to know that I have a nuanced life and that I have genuine beliefs and so do they,” Zephyr said.


Oklahoma Aims to Ban Gender-Affirming Care Even for Adults, Escalating War on Trans People

NPR reports that as of November, more than half of states have sought to restrict gender-affirming health care. Among these states, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, and Tennessee have enacted partial or total bans on gender-affirming care. (The laws in Alabama and Arkansas are currently temporarily blocked by court injunctions.)


Muslim Candidates in the 2022 Midterms Won a Record Number of Seats

Syed joins a record number of Muslim Americans elected to local, state, and federal offices in the midterm elections. The Council of American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights advocacy group, and Jetpac, a nonprofit focused on Muslim political representation, stated in a November report that Muslims won 83 seats, compared to 71 in 2020. Many of the candidates, like Syed, are in their 20s.  

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Tumblr’s Top 12 2022 Fandom Ships Were All Same-Sex Couples

As the year comes to an end, things like Spotify Wrapped recap our year and all the media we loved. Another treasured end of the year tradition is Tumblr’s annual recap of the most popular ships on the website.

Last year, Destiel was number one, followed by Lumity, Sambucky, Bakudeku, Dreamnotfound, and Lokius, with the first straight ship not appearing until number 23.

This year, it’s much of the same, with queer couples dominating the fanfic, fanart, photosets, and more. In fact, the top twelve ships were all same-sex, with Ladybug and Chat Noir being the highest ranking straight ship at number 13. When it comes to fandom, the gays really do have the game on lockdown!


Shatzi Weisberger, Activist Legend Known as the People’s Bubbie, Has Died at 92

Prolific activist and proudly self-described dyke Shatzi Weisberger, better known as the People’s Bubbie, died in her home on Wednesday. She was 92 years old.


The FDA says it will finally eliminate blood donor rules against gay and bisexual men

“The FDA remains committed to gathering the scientific data related to alternative donor deferral policies that maintain a high level of blood safety,” the statement continued. “We anticipate issuing updated draft guidance in the coming months.”


UK, Greece in ‘secret talks’ on possible return of Parthenon Marbles

The British Museum and the Greek prime minister are in the “advanced stage” of “secret talks” over the “possible return” of the Parthenon Marbles, local media reported on Saturday.

The Straits Times

Poland’s Kaczynski slams Germany’s ‘dominance’ in Europe

The leader of Poland’s ruling party has been increasingly using anti-German rhetoric in recent months, straining the already prickly bilateral relations over the past few years.

Deutsche Welle

Dutch wrestle with national apology for 250 years of slavery

Advocates claim it will promote equality, detractors say it will be an empty gesture

The Guardian

This beauty pageant in northeast India celebrates transgender life, creative expression

The contestants came from India’s eight remote northeastern states, some of them nestled in the Himalayas in a relatively undeveloped region known for its stunning natural vistas.


Iran prosecutor general signals ‘morality police’ suspended

There has been no official police confirmation on the forces being taken off the streets, and no sign that a law requiring mandatory hijab will be changed.


Exclusive: China operating over 100 police stations across the world with the help of some host nations, report claims

Beijing has set up more than 100 so-called overseas police stations across the globe to monitor, harass and in some cases repatriate Chinese citizens living in exile, using bilateral security arrangements struck with countries in Europe and Africa to gain a widespread presence internationally, a new report shared exclusively with CNN alleges.


South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa will not resign over ‘Farmgate’ scandal

The head of state has come under pressure to quit over accusations he stashed millions of dollars in sofas at his private ranch and then covered up its theft.

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Agents of Influence: How Russia Deploys an Army of Shadow Diplomats

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has appointed dozens of honorary consuls. Many have spread pro-Kremlin sentiment around the world.


How Indo-Persian, the language of cosmopolitan India for six centuries, fell into decline

The first of the four-part ‘Dancing Peacock’ series charts the literary tradition and indigenous roots of Indo-Persian as well as its enduring legacy today.


‘China’s Dr Fauci’ calls for change in zero-Covid focus as cities roll back strictest curbs

China should no longer aim for zero infections but focus on lowering severe or symptomatic cases, a Shanghai infectious diseases expert regarded as “China’s Dr Fauci” has said.

South China Morning Post

Honduras to suspend some constitutional rights to fight gang violence

The government of Honduras announced on Saturday that it will suspend some constitutional rights in areas of two main cities controlled by criminal groups.


US drug czar wants India to stem flow of chemicals used by Mexican cartels for fentanyl

Dr. Rahul Gupta, the U.S. drug czar, returned to his native country this month to meet with Indian officials on a joint mission to reduce the illegal flow of chemicals used to make deadly fentanyl.

For years, Mexican cartels have bought precursor chemicals from China and used them to make synthetic drugs like fentanyl and meth in Mexican super labs. The drugs are then smuggled into the U.S. But in the last few years, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has cautioned in its National Drug Threat Assessments that cartels are increasing the amounts they get from India. Its capital, New Delhi, has significant pharmaceutical and chemical industries and international ports.

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‘I wanted to resume my transition at all costs.’ Trans Ukrainians uprooted by war struggle to continue treatment

“The clinic had closed because of the danger of airstrikes. I had the testosterone, but no way of getting [it administered]. I didn’t have the needles and there were huge shortages of everything in pharmacies, even the most basic stuff, because obviously, during the war, there’s a big need for things like syringes,” Eric said.

Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine has upended the lives of millions of Ukrainians. But for Eric and many other trans people, the war has also made it much more difficult to be who they are.


Iran locked into ‘vicious cycle’ over protests and arming Russia, says US

Iran’s leadership has locked itself into a “vicious cycle” that has cut it off from its own people and the international community, the US special envoy has said, adding that Washington was more focused on Tehran’s decision to arm Russia in Ukraine and the repression of its internal protests than on talks to revive the nuclear deal.

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