The Pits 2022: Kickoff

Hey everyone! Merve here, and I’m organizing this year’s Pits awards, The Avocado’s annual awards show for the best in media, as voted on by you. Yes, you.

Here’s the proposed schedule:

  • Dec. 14th: Movies
    • Best Film of 2022
    • Best Film of 2021
  • Dec. 15th: TV
    • Best Drama
    • Best Comedy
  • Dec. 16th: Books
    • Best Book
  • Dec. 17th: Music
    • Best Album
    • Best Song
    • Best Live Show
  • Dec. 18th: Anime
    • Best Anime Film
    • Best Anime Series
  • Dec. 19th: Comics
    • Best Comic Book
    • Best Comic Strip or Webcomic
  • Dec. 20th: Podcasting and online video
    • Best Podcast (Comedy)
    • Best Podcast (Non-Comedy)
    • Best YouTube channel
  • Dec. 21st: Video games
    • Best Game of 2022
    • Best Game of 2021
  • Dec. 22nd: Commenting
  • Dec. 27th (noon EST): Voting closes
  • Dec. 29th: Results!

I’ll be leading the video games and commenting topics. For the other topics, what I need is for last year’s topic leaders to either say yes or no that they will be organizing again this year. If they aren’t, then we need to find replacements, hopefully in the comments below. (N.B. To simplify things, this year topic leaders need not fully tabulate results. I will send them a spreadsheet template to fill out with people’s votes, and then I’ll run a quick script to tabulate the results.)

For the commenting awards, I’ll be using the same list as last year as a template (though I may consolidate a few awards to cut redundancy). If you have any category suggestions that you’d like to see added to the list, please let me know in the comments below.

I will be posting the results in a single thread on December 29th.

All right, let’s do this!