AVoCADo GamesCast 2022 Year-End Extravaganza Community Submissions

It’s that time of year, folks! We’re putting together the year-end AVoCADo GamesCast community extravaganza, and just like we do every year, we’re trying to involve as many community members as we can. To that end, we invite you all to submit a rundown of your top 3 games of 2022!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re interested, reply to the subthread below marked “Community submissions.”
  • Record yourself running down your top 3 games of 2022, and explain why you selected them. Make sure you have a decent-quality mic, and try to keep your recording brief. Somewhere between two and seven minutes is a good benchmark. If it’s too long, we might have to exclude it, and I would rather not do that.
  • Email the recording to me at fork.in.the.road at gmail dot com by noon EST on Sunday, December 18th. Make sure that it is in mp3 format. Please indicate which username you use on the site when you email me.
  • Just so that we’re all operating from the same ground rules, your top 3 should have been released no earlier than December 1st, 2021. (Games that were released earlier but only localized within that time frame are fine. Notable remasters, re-releases, or remakes are also fine.)
  • Any kind of video game is fine to include. Don’t feel embarrassed to include browser, mobile, AR, VR, or museum titles.

As always, the GamesCast welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds. Regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, if you like video games and want to contribute, we’d love to have you. We particularly welcome women+ Guacs to share their top 3 lists.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the subthread below marked “Comments and questions.”

Happy gaming!