The WPT Meets Broccoli the Dog

Hello, friends. This week I would like to introduce you to my dog, Broccoli. I couldn’t resist and have been posting some pictures in the OT, but I wanted to make sure the PT had a chance for a formal introduction. We’ve had him for a couple of weeks, and I’ve never had a dog before, so this is all new to me. He is very cute and doing well with learning commands; the only issues I have with the fuzzy little guy stem from his being so young. We’re taking turns waking up at 4am to let him relieve himself, and Mrs. Killsock teleworks, so he gets lots of attention. He’ll get older, and we will all be able to sleep through the night. And honestly, he requires so much attention that I don’t really have the time or energy to do much drinking, so that’s a big plus. We took him on his very first walk this afternoon, and he was a big hero. He wasn’t afraid of the cars and his tiny little legs carried him two whole blocks before we went home.

His name was inspired in part by the Venture Bros’ Brock Samson, and I think Mrs Killsock is right that naming a tiny poodle mix after a hyper-masculine superspy is pretty funny.

Shown here fighting a mummy

Be sure to get your flu shots and bivalent covid booster if you haven’t, and have fun posting this weekend.