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The Friday Politics Thread: Honest value for an honest dollar

OMG it just snowed where I was for the first time this winter! I had to shovel some of it too! I love The Winter it is a blast of Cold Wonder.

In Celebration of the weather, I want to share this absolutely adorable song by this week’s artist Tape Girl! Tape Girl makes the cutest-sounding ska music I have ever heard and this song is probably the cutest of the bunch and is all about the snow! I hop you all enjoy it.

Also here is a bonus song of hers Half Pipe (The Art Of Vocal Feminization)

Oh hey, I didn’t realize this for the October 28th Politics Thread but it has been a full year since I started writing these full-time! I am having a lot of fun and it is a great excuse to listen to new and new to me music by a whole universe of trans musicians so I think I’ll keep the job for another year. You’ve been a great audience Boomer lives!