Sports Corner Advances to the Next Round

Somehow, despite not being much of a soccer fan and despite all the terrible stuff surrounding the World Cup, I am paying a lot of attention to it. The daily threads here help, but so does just the spectacle and the sense that we Americans are missing something and should pay attention. And I am definitely paying attention to who moves on, even though I can only name a bare handful of players from most teams.

But then, I can’t even do that for the four teams likely to be in the BCS playoffs. I can only name a few coaches, most of them for the wrong reasons. So it’s all relative, I guess.


  • The Hot Stove’s been pretty cool so far, Jose Abreu notwithstanding
  • It’s QB musical chairs in the NFL!
  • The Celtics take all comers!
  • Still trying to ascertain if the Devils are actually that good.
  • I have something in common with Tiger Woods: bad feet!

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.