World Cup 2022: Matchday 9, Neymar-less Brazil

We have four games today, lets take a look:

Group G: Cameroon v Serbia

Cameroon played too early so I didn’t see their game against the Swiss, the only thing I know is that the Swiss goal scorer was born there. Anyway, I did see Serbia and they did well against Brazil but Brazil was waaaay to much of a hurdle. Both teams need a good result to keep their hopes alive

Group H: South Korea v Ghana

Korea got the result they wanted against Uruguay, now they need to get the result against Ghana. The Black Stars almost tied against Portugal in a keeper mistake at the last minute, they didn’t play bad. They can get a result here. Should be interesting

Group G: Brazil v Switzerland

Brazil looked amazing against Serbia even if they only scored two goals. Richarlison was not his Spurs version and scored one of the best goals in World Cup history. Neymar is out though, one of the few players in Brazil whose sub is not at the same level, we’ll see how bad this is for them. The Swiss, I don’t know, didn’t see them, sorry.

Group H: Portugal v Uruguay

Portugal somehow won against Ghana, they got lucky with a PK call that was way too severe and they made some good changes. Uruguay had a frustrating game against Korea, they played well but they need to give more freedom to Valverde and, I know he’s a legend but, sit Suarez. This should be a great match.