The Treasure Planet Night Thread Takes a Voyage to McDonald’s

Treasure Planet opened on this day 20 years ago. Although it became an infamous box office disaster that the press wouldn’t shut up about for whatever reason (that seems to happen whenever Disney releases a bomb–see also John Carter), it was also a fantastic movie and has grown a large fanbase over the years. And unlike the current Disney flop Strange World, Treasure Planet had an actual marketing campaign behind it. There were toys, books, video games, and of course, a fast food promotion.

McDonald’s had a pretty great set of eight Happy Meal toys. Each action figure came with a different piece of the circular golden treasure map at the center of the movie, and if you collected all eight, you could build it. Pretty nifty! Also I think this is literally the only merch that Mr. Arrow got. Pour one out for Mr. Arrow!

There was also a secondary promotion that was exclusive to the short-lived “Mighty Kid’s Meal”–which was basically a Happy Meal in a slightly larger portion as McDonald’s tried to get the pre-teen demographic to go to their restaurants more. Sadly I can’t find a commercial for this–although I’m sure there must have been one–but attached to the bags were free demo discs for a collection of Treasure Planet computer games, which also included a soundtrack sample.

Have a great night, Avocados!