The Thanksgiving Political Thread Was Sent Here From The Year 9595

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Americans celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving today, which has an ethically dubious foundation to say the least. Nevertheless, it exists as a day a renewing bonds, remembering the good things in your life, and the people that make your time in this world worthwhile.

Also maybe American Football, eating grotesque amounts of food, celebrating old grievances, and maybe fighting with those people who make your life worthwhile. But hey, there are always drawbacks.

I hope that everyone here gets to think a little bit today about what they’re thankful for. Yes, the world spins ever steadier into collapse, but there’s no harm in remembering the good things in life.

There’s a documentary that just came out called Turkey Town, which chronicles the rapid spread and domination of wild turkeys in Massachusetts (particularly in Brookline). Looks pretty fun, it streams on Boson’s local public broadcasting channel.

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