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The Wednesday Politics Thread Has a Cow

Soaking in politics feels to me more akin to a cold shower than a warm bath of late. My own engagement with current affairs feeling like all penetration and no thrust doesn’t help either. For as much as I pay attention to politics, I’m still privileged enough to enjoy it primarily as a form of entertainment. So, when heinous bullshit occurs, there’s no preparation for a healthy and reasonable response. Plenty of emotional response to lay on fools, sure, but the McSquirrel Rule is in effect for a reason and it’s probably not just for the health of our hosting here.

You may notice me commenting a bit less for the time being. I know there’s a middle-ground between coddling fascists and giving them the high heel treatment, but I sure can’t see it from where I’m at currently, and that means it’s time to do a whole lot more listening than speaking until that starts to shift. Infinite thanks (and upvotes) to all of you here providing perspective and sharing valuable resources. I sincerely think that if the other side had any wits about them they’d be fucking terrified to continue down the path they’re on. Stay scary, Politicados.