The Night Thread of Thanks Singing

Most Americados will skip past this header on what, for them, is Thanksgiving morning. Yes, Canadacados and assorted other OT habitués set aside different days for national expressions of general and genteel gratitude. But Uvular gives thanks today, which makes all the difference that matters.

Since American Thanksgiving occurs so close to Christmas/Navidad/Noel/Etc., stateside wags have spent centuries decrying a dearth of carols to sing on and leading up to the last Thursday of the last full week of November. No one ever found this plaint the least bit insightful. But just enough unfunny people insisted on the wryness of the observation that Adam Sandler got a much-tolerated novelty hit out of it.

Truth to tell, Thanksgiving carols abound. Going all the back to the Latin Mass and its interminable chanting of “Gratias Deo,” anyone with half a brain and even less of an ear took in thankful tunes teeming in totality.

Beyond religious rites and komedy klassics, you have the rock funk and soul of Sly Stone’s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf),” the music for folks who don’t really like music of “Thank You,” and the Broadway bombast of “Thank You Very Much” from the 1970 Scrooge. Thus starting a listing that barely scratches the surface of the deep well of mixed metaphors into which this sentence has devolved.

But nothing anyone could intone to mark this very special occasion holds a drumstick to the musical tale told by Too Much Joy in “Thanksgiving in Reno.”

Everycado, now!

At the five-ninety-nine buffet
In Reno on Thanksgiving Day
Nobody seemed to care
Why anyone else was there

Just Uvular? Fine. What hymn, hit parade highlight, or hidden gem sums up this holiday for you?