World Cup 2022: Matchday 5, Super Heung-min Son

Spain crushed, Germany disappointed again and Canada suffered heartbreak. We have four games today, lets take a look:

Group G: Switzerland v Cameroon

Should be a fairly leveled match, with Switzerland most likely prevailing. This is one of the weakest Cameroonian teams in a while.

Group H: Uruguay v South Korea

Korea’s captain Heung-Min Son broke his eye socket so now looks like an off-brand super hero, so things are not looking too peachy. Uruguay are in top shape and they brought their meats. They should win this one.

Group H: Portugal v Ghana

Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan, a match made in… what’s worse than hell? Anyway, Ghana has a shot here, a remote one but still, you never know.

Group G: Brazil v Serbia

Everyone was surprised when 39 yo Dani Alves was called up to the squad, things made more sense when it was leaked that he’s there to babysit Neymar. Anyway, their road to the 6th star starts against Serbia, whom hopefully will have fully recovered Mitrovic, although apparently he’s willing to play even with one leg.