World Cup 2022: Matchday 3, Tata’s test

Things are heating up and from now on we have 4 games each day, we also start super early (depending on where you are). Lets take a look:

Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia

This is Messi’s last chance for glory, to get that last checkmark on his exceptional career. They start against the weakest team of the group and, in paper, one of the weakest team’s of the competition. And sure, nobody thinks Saudi Arabia can win but they sure can park the bus, they haven’t received more than one goal in their last 10 games, they also haven’t score more than one goal either. Argentina needs to score early to open up the game, a mistake in this group could led to a rematch against France in the R16, they will surely want to avoid that again.

Group D: Denmark v Tunisia

Denmark should have this, not much else to say.

Group C: Mexico v Poland

First game for both teams and it’s do or die. Given the group, both teams know they need a result here as getting something against Argentina looks impossible. Mexico hasn’t looked good in a while, Raúl is obviously not a 100% yet and Tata decided to bring a lot of old folks making Mexico the second oldest team in the competition. It’s not like Poland is this super strong team, but Lewa can change things in a flash and Mexico lacks the weapons to react to that.

Group D: France v Australia

This game can’t come faster for France as they keep losing players every day, as per Australia, well they’re lucky to be here, but really unlucky to face France first.