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Tuesday’s Politics thread hits the post-Halloween candy sales

WE HAVE MADE IT TO NOVEMBER!!! WE ARE IN THE HOME STRETCH!!! Oh I can’t wait for the midterms to be done. Wreaking havoc with my anxiety. Make sure you have a plan to vote if you haven’t voted already! Check you registration by googling “Check voter registration (your state here)”

I have a lot (like more than usual a lot) going on right now. I’m having a hard time finding good news, and that’s all I want to share today. Let’s see if I can find three things.

Hey-ohhhhh, here’s one!

This moment was great yesterday, even though we all know what’s going to happen:

An Oath Keeper breaks his oath under oath:

And I’d like to share a summation of why I’ll be staying on Twitter. Oink, oink, motherfucker.

There’s FOUR whole things up there, would you look at that! I’m traveling today, so no fighting or I will turn this car around. And please don’t buy that nasty, stinky gum when we make a pit stop. The flavor only lasts a few minutes and the car smells like artificial peaches for a week.