The Monday Politics Thread Celebrates Halloween

The Day of the Dead isn’t Halloween. Here are its roots, from Aztec goddess worship to modern Mexican celebration.

Day of the Dead might sound like a solemn affair, but Mexico’s famous holiday is actually a lively commemoration of the departed.


Kanye West’s antisemitism did what his anti-Blackness did not. And some people have a problem with that

“I think it’s a fair assessment to say Kanye’s punishment is part and parcel of him making anti-Jewish remarks and people care little to nothing about making anti-Black remarks,” Illya Davis, director of freshmen and seniors’ academic success at Morehouse College in Atlanta told CNN. “Oftentimes, Black suffering is overlooked or minimized in culture.”


Sikh Student Detained on Campus Speaks to Lack of Religious and Diversity Training at Schools

Articles of Sikh faith are criminalized on college campuses, but Sikh students are fighting back.

Teen Vogue

Florida moves to ban gender-affirming care for minors

LGBTQ+ advocates expressed outrage—and resolve—after a joint committee of Florida’s two medical boards moved a step closer to adopting a draft rule backed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that would ban doctors from providing gender-affirming healthcare to transgender youth.


‘Dig Up That Birth Certificate’: Obama Takes Shot at Trump’s ‘Birtherism’ During Midterm Stop 

Former president Barack Obama traveled to Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 29, to campaign on behalf of another “Democrat with a funny name”: Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin’s Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. It was an opportunity for Obama to take a swipe at former president Donald Trump, who dogged him throughout his presidency with racist dog whistles that falsely casted doubt on his U.S. citizenship. “Mandela, get ready to dig up that birth certificate,” Obama teased to massive applause.

Rolling Stone

Obama tells Midwestern voters worried about inflation that GOP is ‘not interested in solving problems’

Campaigning alongside Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Detroit, and later Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers and Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes in Milwaukee, Obama acknowledged the economic realities Americans face. But he said handing power on Capitol Hill to the GOP would do little to solve those problems.


More men are getting vasectomies post-Roe v. Wade, doctor says, calling on men to ejaculate responsibly

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, governments and citizens have enacted changes across the US, be that in the form of new laws, altered access to healthcare, or court cases hitting the headlines. Amid all that change, there’s been another shift: An increase in vasectomies.


An Arizona grandmother was arrested for giving food to the hungry. Now, she’s suing

The Institute for Justice wants a federal court to effectively end the city ordinance that prohibits Norma Thornton from giving food to the hungry in a public park. Thornton’s attorneys say the ordinance violates several of the woman’s civil rights granted under the 14th amendment.


US students on why affirmative action is crucial: ‘They need our voices’

On Monday, as the US supreme court hears oral arguments in cases against the University of North Carolina and Harvard University, the fate of race-conscious admissions is under threat. Civil rights attorneys and experts alike worry, following the high court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, that the court’s rightward tilt could spell their end.

The Guardian

COVID Antibody Treatments Are in Decline

If you’re immunocompromised, this … isn’t great.

The Atlantic

‘We need to make America Godly again.’ The growing political influence of Latino evangelicals

“We have been voiceless, we have been asleep, we have been lazy and so I just decided to do something about it,” said Cabrera, the senior pastor and founder of City Church Harlingen, an evangelical leaning church in South Texas.


Nancy Pelosi says family “heartbroken and traumatized” after violent attack on husband

In a letter to fellow congressional members Saturday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote that her husband is recovering after he was violently attacked in the couple’s San Francisco home in the early morning hours Friday.

CBS News

Federal judge declines to block group from monitoring Arizona ballot drop boxes

A federal judge on Friday rejected a request to bar a group that wants to observe ballot drop box locations in an Arizona county from doing so, ruling that it would infringe on “core constitutional rights.” 

The Hill

Nevada Judge Rules To Remove Marijuana From Schedule 1 Drug Designation

The months-long litigation over marijuana’s Scheduled 1 drug designation in Nevada is finally over. Weeks after a Clark County District Court judge weighed in on a closely-followed lawsuit filed against the Nevada Board of Pharmacy determining that the listing of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug is against the state’s constitution, the final ruling was issued on Wednesday, reported The Nevada Independent.


2020 changed how America votes. The question now is whether those changes stick

“We were already in that direction. [Early and mail voting] had been slowly increasing over time, but 2020 just turned everything around,” said McDonald, who wrote a book that analyzed turnout trends in the 2020 election.


Churches Are Breaking the Law by Endorsing in Elections, Experts Say. The IRS Looks the Other Way.

Six days before a local runoff election last year in Frisco, a prosperous and growing suburb of Dallas, Brandon Burden paced the stage of KingdomLife Church. The pastor told congregants that demonic spirits were operating through members of the City Council.


More Than ‘Don’t Say Gay’: Proposed National Bill is Latest Move in LGBTQ+ Rights Fight

Over 30 House Republicans are backing a bill that seeks to ban federally funded institutions from promoting material acknowledging gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgender people and sexual orientation when such topics would reach children under 10 years old. 

Teen Vogue

S Korea Halloween crush: ‘I was trapped on ledge, watching people die’

At least 153 people died when crowds thronged the Itaewon district of South Korea’s capital.


How generational gap may have helped lead to South Korea’s Halloween tragedy

Lee was one of the fortunate young Seoul residents who did not witness or fall victim to the horrors of the Seoul Halloween stampede Saturday night that resulted in the deaths of more than 150 partygoers, most of them in their 20s and 30s, and injured more than 130.

LA Times

Thousands of mosques targeted as Hindu nationalists try to rewrite India’s history

In a small, darkened office in Budaun, where dusty legal books line the walls, two lawyers have fallen into a squabble. VP Singh and his taller associate BP Singh – no relation – are discussing Shamsi Jama Masjid, the mosque that has stood in this small town in Uttar Pradesh for 800 years.

According to the lawyers, this grand white-domed mosque, one of the largest and oldest in India, is not a mosque at all. “No no, this is a Hindu temple,” asserted BP Singh. “It’s a very holy place for Hindus.”

The Guardian

Lebanon president leaves with no replacement, crisis deepens

President Michel Aoun left Lebanon’s presidential palace Sunday, marking the end of his six-year term without a replacement, leaving the small nation in a political vacuum that is likely to worsen its historic economic meltdown.

AP News

Marriage equality now legal throughout Mexico

Same-sex couples can now legally marry across Mexico after lawmakers in Tamaulipas state on Wednesday approved a marriage equality bill.

Washington Blade

India bridge collapse: Hundreds plunged into river and dozens killed in Gujarat

At least 78 people have died after a pedestrian bridge collapsed in India’s western state of Gujarat.


Car bombs at busy Somalia market intersection killed at least 100, president says

The two car bombs that exploded at Somalia’s education ministry next to a busy market intersection killed at least 100 people and wounded 300, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said on Sunday, warning the death toll could rise.


120,000 parade at Taiwan Pride celebration despite rain

Some 120,000 paraded in the streets of Taipei as the city’s 20th annual Pride event celebrated the LGBTQ community Saturday in spite of the rainy weather.

AP News

Haitian ambassador warns criminal gangs may overrun country

The Haitian ambassador to Washington has appealed to the international community to accelerate talks on deploying an armed intervention, warning that criminal gangs were in danger of taking over the country.

The Guardian

Bolsonaro or Lula: Brazil Awaits Vote Count as Polls close

Brazilians are waiting for the results of a polarized runoff between incumbent Jair Bolsonaro and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in what has become the country’s most significant election since the return of democracy almost four decades ago.


The Westminster sitcom has a new male lead. Pass the popcorn

For months now, my homeland has doubled as a content-providing streaming service, with a round-the-clock feed of genre-busting programming. There’s been the slapstick comedy of Boris Johnson’s departure from office, not to mention the absurdist farce of his failed return. We have witnessed the solemnity of the Queen’s passing, with its blend of long processionals and even longer queues. We’ve watched the self-immolation of Liz Truss, a prime minister unready for prime-time.

From those pesky ink pots and pens to the mesmerising sight of yellow-vested police outriders slaloming in and out of the London traffic, it’s been pass-the-popcorn viewing. Perhaps we should call it Britflix.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Storm Nalgae death toll climbs to 48 in Philippines, 22 missing

The death toll from flooding and rain-induced landslides in the Philippines has climbed to 48, the country’s disaster agency said on Sunday, with 22 others recorded missing after tropical storm Nalgae inundated many parts of the archipelago.


How Xi sacrificed China’s future in pursuit of total power

As he consolidates his grip, Xi is condemning his country – and the world – to lower prosperity

The Telegraph

Is it possible to form a real unity government?

From recent polling, which generally is close to the actual results, it appears the right-wing bloc led by Likud and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu will have the initial mandate to form a coalition.

Jerusalem Post

Italy’s Meloni to Mark Shift From Draghi on Covid, Justice

Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is set to break from the policies of her predecessor, Mario Draghi, as soon as Monday, when her government meets to reverse course on the management of the pandemic and on justice.


Hockey Canada scandal highlights toxic masculinity in sports

Hockey Canada acknowledged that it did not “end the culture of toxic behavior” but grossly misunderstood and miscalculated the depth and breadth of the problem. This is, in large part, because of a failure to recognize the intersection of sport culture and masculinity in male dominated spaces.

The Conversation

Dover migrant centre: Man found dead near scene of fire attack

A man has been found dead after incendiary devices were thrown at a Home Office migrant centre in Dover.

Two or three devices – described as petrol bombs by a witness – were thrown by the suspect, who was found dead at a nearby petrol station shortly later.