The Weekend Politics Thread Celebrates Fat Bear Week

Hello Politicados (and lurkers, I see you there. Lurking). This week we’re talking about Fat Bear Week, which the National Parks Service calls “a celebration of success and survival.” Brown bears put on weight in order to help them hibernate through the winter to come. Here is some fun stuff I found about this annual event.

Here is a bracket from to vote for your favorite fat bear. Voting should be open until Tuesday:

Here is an article from the National Parks Service with the complete bracket all at once as well as a fun slider that will show you just how chonky each bear has managed to get so far:

An NPR story with a headline we’re all sure to enjoy:

Your guide to Fat Bear Week, an election where voters actually like every candidate

Finally, a big hat-tip to Headphone Princess, who reminded me to include the bear cam:

Please don’t threaten or wish harm on anyone, get your covid booster and your flu shots, contact the mods at, and as always, enjoy the Weekend Politics Thread.