The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Weekly Wrestling Thread for September 30, 2022


“I will leave you in a pool of blood on Broad Street!”

MJF is great, Saraya’s promo was cringe-worthy, and Bandido is a revelation in the ring.

Chris Jericho, the Ring of Dishonor champion, wants to desecrate ROH’s legacy and challenged Bryan Danielson to a match on October 12’s Dynamite. Danielson loves losing in AEW and of course it really needs to be Daniel Garcia to win the title from Jericho, but who wants to see Danielson lose? Good thing there’s plenty of chances for heelish interference.

Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson


Oh I don’t know, I’m sure some other stuff happened too. Leave me alone, I’ve had a long week! If there’s stuff worth talking about yell it at me in the comments.