Spooky Season Recommendations

Fall has arrived. The days are getting shorter. There’s a chill in the air (or not, depending on where you live). Soup starts to sound good again after the hellfire of Summer. Halloween is on its way. It’s Spooky Season!

Share your favorite entertainment below, be it book, movie, TV show or something else. Everyone has different preferences for spookiness, so I’ve set up comments as category headers you can use to navigate (I know the pagination of Disqus makes this not the best, but hopefully it helps) and reply to with your own recommendations. If you don’t see a category, add your own as a top-level comment, and I’ll add it to the header.

Family-friendly – something you would watch with a pre-teen or younger child

Comedy – horror elements, but the overall tone and theme is humor, including dark comedy

Gory – Gross-out horror, violent, etc.

Suspense – More dread, less dead (but ok, also dead)