The Very Versatile Night Thread

“The Very Versatile F-Word” (also known as “The Most Interesting Word in the English Language”, “Fuck: The Word”, or simply “The Word ‘Fuck'”) is a short spoken word piece demonstrating the versatility of everyone’s favorite 4-letter word, complete with the proper grammatical terms and some examples. Erroneously attributed to George Carlin, Monty Python, and even Weird Al Yankovic in the days of Napster, the piece above is generally credited to and was most likely performed by Jack Wagner, best known as “the voice of Disneyland” – though even this is up for debate, with one source crediting it to an unnamed student from Bakersfield College in the early 1960s.

In any case, it’s an interesting and informative piece that I hope to have an opportunity to use with my students someday. As the title indicates it’s “not suitable for work” (or younger ears, if you or your loved ones happen to be sensitive about that sort of thing)1 but a more comprehensive and extended text version of the piece can be found HERE.

Have a Great @#$%&! Night Thread, Avocado!