True Hollywood Stories Night Thread (9/12/22)

Troubled’s True Hollywood Stories! is an occasional series that pulls back the curtain on pop culture’s most fascinating people, events, and trends. Tune in every once in a while for juicy gossip and too-incredible-to-be-true anecdotes breathlessly told by a real human being living a nonstop whirlwind of GLAMOROUS Hollywood life! Thrilling? Yes!!


One time I saw Christopher McDonald (from Happy Gilmore) in the elevator. He mumbled, “Hey, how you doing” and pressed the button for his floor. I pressed the button for my floor. Then he exited a few stops ahead of me.

INCREDIBLE! The bright lights, the paparazzi, the spectacle of it all. Are these encounters, these brushes with the sublime, perhaps too much to bear in one lifetime? Of course!!! But we mortals must be content with our lot, for those rare moments when we encounter the heat of a thousand shooting stars, it is only then that we are truly alive. Tune in next whenever for more of Troubled’s True Hollywood Stories!!!!