The Monday Politics Thread Is Three Days From Hispanic Heritage Month

21 years later, these powerful photos tell the story of 9/11

The country was forever changed on this day 21 years ago.

USA Today

Whiskey, Kobe beef and suckling pig: inside the ‘Fat Leonard’ navy bribery scandal

Leonard Francis, who pleaded guilty to fraud, is on the run, leaving questions about the role of military contractors in his wake

The Guardian

Payments giants to apply new code identifying sales at U.S. gun stores

Visa Inc (V.N), the world’s largest payments processor, said on Saturday it will implement a new merchant category code for U.S. gun retailers, which will identify transactions at firearms stores.


‘It’s not enough:’ Student loan forgiveness means less for the millions of borrowers who never finished college

For students who start college and don’t finish, managing education loans without the benefit of a degree — and the higher earning potential that goes with it — is especially difficult.


South Dakota tribes buy land near Wounded Knee massacre site

Two American Indian tribes in South Dakota have joined forces to purchase 40 acres around the Wounded Knee National Historic Landmark, the site of one of the deadliest massacres in U.S. history.

AP News

Attack on asylum seeker in New York sparks outrage over conditions

Incident occurred amid growing tension as Republican states bus thousands of asylum seekers to Democratic cities

The Guardian

Sorry, But Biden’s New Monkeypox Doctor Seems Absolutely Awesome

I learned my bedside manner from East Village drag queens.


Some Nuns and Bishops Are Taking on the U.S.’s Biggest Gunmaker. They May Succeed

It was her years as a teacher in the Seattle-area Catholic School system that made Sister Judy Byron particularly sensitive to gun violence. “We had fire drills in Washington, we had earthquake drills, but never in my wildest imagination would I ever have thought someone would have come in with a firearm to the school where I was,” she says. And then came the school shooting at Columbine, and years later, Sandy Hook. “I remember thinking at the time, if we don’t do something now, when we’ve murdered all those little first graders, we never will. And of course we didn’t.”


The word ‘sq**w’ now banned from names of rivers, lakes and more across US

More than 600 U.S. locations, including mountains, lakes and streams, have new names, according to the Department of the Interior.

Miami Herald

Republicans help Democratic minority block near-total abortion ban in South Carolina

Five Republicans in South Carolina’s state senate have joined the Democratic minority to reject a near-total abortion ban, thwarting the controlling party’s intention to capitalize on the supreme court’s decision to overturn federal protections for the procedure.

The Guardian

Push to double up on Covid booster and flu shot may have a downside, experts caution

There’s just one problem with the advice. It’s still early to get a flu shot.

Stat News

With more than 40 Trump lawyers singled out for ethics complaints and even more facing charges, legal experts joke MAGA now stands for ‘Making Attorneys Get Attorneys’

The New York Times reported legal experts joke MAGA now stands for “Making Attorneys Get Attorneys,” based on the reputational risk of working with Trump. 

Business Insider

Biden to attend premier Hispanic Heritage Month event

Biden’s attendance at the 45th annual gala is the first by a president since former President Obama delivered an address at the 39th edition in 2016.

The Hill

The Unexpected Ways Joe Biden Is Ushering In a New Economic Paradigm

A new book on the rise of progressive economics argues that Biden, out of necessity, has implemented policies that favor the middle class and strengthen democracy.


Blood test spots multiple cancers without clear symptoms, study finds

Doctors hail new era for cancer screening as major research shows effectiveness of Galleri test

The Guardian

Senate grapples with election reform legislation as time runs short to act

A bipartisan group has released a package of bills, but two hurdles remain — the calendar and gaining enough Republican support.

NBC News

The GOP is learning just how hard it is to legislate abortion

Ahead of the midterms, severe abortion restrictions are coming up against public opinion — and people’s real lives.


Trump would carry secret records in his jacket pocket, risking them being seen by staffers without clearance, former press secretary says

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that she regularly saw former President Donald Trump “mishandle” sensitive records.

Business Insider

Democrats seek campaign opportunity with ObamaCare court ruling

The ruling on Wednesday by Judge Reed O’Connor in Texas escalates another battle over ObamaCare, and could jeopardize access to preventive care for millions of Americans, including screenings for colorectal and other cancer, depression and hypertension, among many other services.

The Hill

Sweden’s right-wing to win majority of parliamentary seats -preliminary election result

Sweden’s right-wing opposition parties were on track to win a narrow majority of 175 seats in the 349-seat parliament on Sunday, beating the ruling centre-left, the country’s election authority said as 78% of districts had reported results.


Margrethe II of Denmark marks jubilee as Europe’s only reigning queen

Monarch marks 50th anniversary of accession with muted celebrations out of respect for Elizabeth II

The Guardian

Antigua and Barbuda plans referendum to become republic

While the nation of islands gained independence in 1981, it still holds the UK monarch as its head of state.

Al Jazeera

UN members are considering action against China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims, report says

Multiple members of the UN Human Rights Council are considering bringing action against China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims, Reuters reported.


‘I cannot mourn’: Former colonies conflicted over the queen

Upon taking the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II inherited millions of subjects around the world, many of them unwilling. Today, in the British Empire’s former colonies, her death brings complicated feelings, including anger.

AP News

Belfast rally urges scrapping of Troubles’ legacy Bill

Hundreds of people have gathered in Belfast to demand the scrapping of the British government’s contentious plan to deal with the legacy of the Northern Ireland Troubles.


Lithuania set to open Taiwan representative office and risk further anger from Beijing

Lithuania is expected to open its first-ever representative office in Taiwan this week amid growing tensions with Beijing.

South China Morning Post

Mexican rebels donate museum money for canoes to refugee rescues

Three exquisitely decorated canoes hand-carved in the jungles of southern Mexico and borne across the Atlantic on a ship tasked with a peaceful, symbolic – and cumbia-soundtracked – invasion of Spain could soon find a permanent mooring in the heart of Madrid.

The Guardian

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Isn’t Disrespectful, Colonialism Is

In this op-ed, news & politics editor Lexi McMenamin considers how those harmed by the British Empire should react to Queen Elizabeth II’s death. This op-ed reflects solely the opinion of the writer.

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