Fantasy Football 2022

So it is another year of Fantasy Football, and I’m posting this exactly 52 weeks since I posted the last one, so one could consider me a genius master of timing. Anyways, the season starts on September 8th, so I wanted to get everything going before then. Now getting back into the swing of things…

League URL:

Draft time: Currently September 4th at 3:30 PM; this is flexible and I’m just following prior year settings

As usual, going to do a roll call by the 12 people in the league…

No Good Team Name Ideas: Me, Harvey Dent (yes I’m still in)

Dangerous Night Crews: Kappa (I think he confirmed he’s in again)

Grogan’s Neck Roll: atari2600 (need confirmation)

Mexi-Mart Rams: MexiMart (per the league chat, appears to still be in)

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan (need confirmation)

Indy’s Ninja Turtles: indeeeed (need confirmation)

Joe Judge Jeudy: Sludge (last I checked was still in)

Ballsdeepinyourpunt: Nosilla (still in per the league chat)

Steamed Hams: Jonham (still in per league chat)

Playoffs?!?: Emperor Snapper (need confirmation)

Yardcapter Saquon: Blazer (need confirmation)

I’m Joe Buck: Combactus Redux (need confirmation)

Same rules as last few years, so no changes. Also I haven’t really posted much in the last few months so if someone could say “oh this person went to Mars” or “oh this person has invaded Antarctica” I will appreciate this information. Anyways, here’s an image of Joe Burrow.