The Cycling Thread asks about your seat

After months suffering a creaking, increasingly uncomfortable seat, one which had developed a strange and likely prostate-shredding bulge in its middle, I replaced my seat with a lightly used Selle Italia Discovery saddle sitting in a used bin in the bikeshop at which I work, a revelatory alteration, my baby-making parts feeling nothing less than a tender hand were now clutching them.

My questions this week are all seat-related: do you possess a comfortable seat, have you sought one out, how worn is yours? This week’s about sitting.

Additionally, it’s tourist season in Victoria, and wow, the number of terrible drivers flooding the city is blowing my mind. I’m repeatedly fending poor car-operators off, swatting at them and flipping them off, a veritable, and rightly, truculent dynamo am I!

(this week’s pic: the Joli between Nuremburg and Furth)