Comic Book Review – Gambit #1

Gambit #1

Writer – Chris Claremont

Artist – Sid Kotian

Chris Claremont returns to the X-Universe with an untold tale featuring Gambit and Storm shortly after the Ragin Cajun’s first appearance in Uncanny X-Men. If you weren’t reading Uncanny back around issues 266 and 267, the recap page does a great job filling you in on what you may have missed.

Gambit is teaching a de-aged Storm how to survive on the streets and everything he knows about being a successful thief. The friendship and close bond between these two reminded me of the movie Curly Sue. Storm is out for revenge against the Shadow King but she must be careful as he has taken over the body of an FBI agent. Meanwhile, a threat from outer space sets its sights on Gambit. Can these two plucky mutants work together to protect each other from these threats both near and far?

There weren’t a whole lot of new releases last week and I wanted to keep my stack of comics under twenty dollars (Sorry Superman Space Age with cover price $9.99!), so I grabbed Gambit #1 because he’s one of my favorite X-Men. I loved his portrayal in the X-Men animated series because he was mysterious and you could never really tell if he was a good guy or a bad guy. I have been totally out of the loop with new releases these past 4 months and I forgot Chris Claremont was writing this miniseries. I know the current slate of X-Men books is heavily tied together with a shared continuity but I would rather have Chris Claremont rise to the challenge and put his own stamp on a current X-book. With that said, for those that have had a tough time getting into the current X-books, Gambit is the perfect title to read to get a blast from the past with the 90s – era X-Men. Hopefully if this mini-series sells well enough, Mr. Claremont will get a chance to get a crack at the Krakoan crew and the characters he helped shape and evolve way back when.  

Claremont does a great job balancing humor, horror, and action in this first issue. I haven’t read a comic book with Gambit in it for so long, I had to get reacquainted with his accent and the colorful euphemisms he uses. I actually had to go back and re-read a few panels to get a better understanding of what he was trying to say. Sacre Bleu!

For five issue mini- series (no matter which company releases it), I usually decide after the first issue if I’m going to stick with it or wait to read it in trade form. The ongoing battle between Storm and Shadow King and the introduction of the new antagonist targeting Gambit in the last few panels are two reasons why I’d like to pick up the next few issues.

Next Issue – GAMBIT AND ‘RO – ON THE LAM AND OFF THE RAILS! ‘RO is the mutant X-Man Storm, reverted to childhood and trying to retain use of her powers while fighting to find her memories. GAMBIT is the free spirit Remy LeBeau, not yet an X-Man and making his way up and down the Mississippi. What do they have in common? They’re mutants, they’re thieves, and they’re having a blast! But their side mission to escape the SHADOW KING goes off the rails when sudden disaster strikes, and the duo find themselves in the midst of local trouble with ‘Ro’s life – and very essence – in the balance. Can Gambit find the heroic path before it’s too late? Featuring old favorites as well as new friends and enemies! In Stores August 31st