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Weekly YouTube Thread (8/1)

Are there any narrative, artistic, funny, delicious, or weird videos around the web you want to share? Come chat about them here!

This week, I want to highlight a new video by Mike’s Mic. It’s part 2 of a series recapping the plot of Glee, in his very particular style (part 1 is here). I have watched exactly 2 episodes of Glee – the pilot and the end of season 5 (which I might have thought was the series finale). Despite his recommendation, I will probably not watch the rest of the show myself, but I appreciate that I can enjoy some of the wackiness through these videos.

(For a shorter, video essay-style coverage of Glee, I’d also recommend Mic the Snare’s Here’s What We Missed on Glee.)

As always, if you have any videos to share, you’re welcome to do so below!