The Book Nook Talks About Flawed Favorites (7/27)

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We’ve all been there (at least, I assume, otherwise this is going to be a very short thread), there’s that one author you love who turns out to be an utter asshole, or has beliefs you fundamentally disagree with (or worse, both). And yet, you can’t help but overlook those aspects of their lives. Because their writing is just so good, or the authors are a product of their time. Whatever the reason, they have significant flaws and yet you still love their work, which author comes to mind for you?

Note: if you name H. P. Lovecraft you have to include an additional author. He’s too obvious a choice, sorry.

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible. Please use your words insteadThanks, and happy posting!


  • The first group will be finishing The Dark Tower II – The Drawing of the Three next. Thread goes up at August 10 at noon EDT.
  • The second group will start reading Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions and I need someone to host that particular group. If you want to volunteer, please let me know. Thread should go up on August 10 at noon EDT as well.