Sports Corner Moves Out of the July Doldrums

It’s not that there isn’t much going on in July. Except that there isn’t. Wimbledon is over, the British Open is over, the NBA and NHL are more or less on vacation, and while there’s plenty of baseball, the daily grind sometimes gets a bit slow, too.

But with NFL training camp about to open, the MLB trade deadline hard upon us and signaling the push towards to the end of the season, and college football and the US Open (tennis version) not too far off, it’s time for a bit of a wakeup call. And of course, KD and Spida are still available.

And there is always news:

  • A new study offers new evidence that head impacts cause CTE. Will the header in soccer be eliminated?
  • The NFL launches a new streaming service, imaginatively named NFL+.
  • Jake deGrom might finally be ready to return to the majors. Or not.
  • Some really interesting trades and signings in the NHL, weren’t there?
  • And there look to be a few interesting trades in baseball. Who will make that one move that puts them over the top?

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.