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Canada’s Indigenous people want action to follow Pope’s apology

Canada’s indigenous people made a list of demands years ago, but most of them have remained unsettled.

Under a landmark class action settlement in 2006, the Catholic Church, which ran two-thirds of the residential schools, committed to raising 25 million Canadian dollars in cash contributions as compensation, but only 1.2 million of it has been paid to date.

DW [archive]

Vatican says they’re gifts; Indigenous groups want them back

The Vatican’s Anima Mundi Ethnological Museum, located near the food court and right before the main exit, houses tens of thousands of artifacts and art made by Indigenous peoples from around the world, much of it sent to Rome by Catholic missionaries for a 1925 exhibition in the Vatican gardens.

You might miss the Anima Mundi if you were to spend the day in the Vatican Museums. Official tours don’t include it and the audio guide, which features descriptions of two dozen museums and galleries, ignores it entirely. Private guides say they rarely take visitors there because there is no explanatory signage on display cases or wall text panels.

AP News [archive]

15 killed, 50 injured in anti-UN protests in Congo’s east

Demonstrators on Monday set fires and forced entry into the U.N. mission offices in Goma, accusing the peacekeeping force of failing to protect civilians amid rising violence in Congo’s eastern region. They are calling for the U.N. forces, present in Congo for years, to leave.

Congo’s police said at least six people were killed in Goma on Monday, and eight civilians in Butembo. Earlier, government spokesman Patrick Muyaya said at least five people were killed and about 50 wounded by Monday.

Protesters blamed shots fired by the peacekeepers for the deaths.

AP News [archive]

Myanmar junta executes leading democracy activists

Veteran democracy activist Kyaw Min Yu, better known as Ko Jimmy, and former National League for Democracy lawmaker Phyo Zayar Thaw were executed, along with Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw, the Global New Light of Myanmar reported, without giving a date.

Civilian cases have been tried in military courts with proceedings closed to the public since the military seized power last year, ousting the elected government and reversing almost a decade of tentative democratic reforms.

CNN [archive]

Civilian medic commands respect on Ukraine war’s front lines

“I am myself, and I will never give up my heels for anything,” Voronkova said of the red strappy sandals, beige pumps and other elegant footwear she typically pairs with full skirts and midi dresses as she makes her dangerous rounds to secret military bases and mobile medical units.

The former adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry with graduate degrees in banking and finance is a familiar sight to officers and troops in eastern Ukraine. For eight years after Moscow seized Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Voronkova dedicated her life to providing tactical medical training and equipment for Ukrainian forces fighting pro-Russia separatists.

AP News [archive]

China’s “Two-Legged Sheep” And The Cost Of COVID Discrimination

Discrimination against COVID-positive people has been part of the ongoing pandemic in China, visibly or invisibly. Apart from becoming “unemployable,” individuals who have recovered from COVID could be barred from public places, and even refused from staying long-term in hotels.

The new phrases used to refer to those who have tested positive also reflect this discrimination. From “little positive man” to “two-legged sheep” (the word “sheep” yáng has the same pronunciation as “positive” in Mandarin), patients are sometimes just called “male sheep” and “female sheep” or even just a sheep emoji.

Worldcrunch [archive]

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