Led Zeppelin Quarterfinals

Down to eight!

Round 2 autopsy: No upsets as huge as the first round from here, but “Misty Mountain Hop” (29th seed) continued its run of defeating higher ranked songs by knocking out “Dazed and Confused.” (20th) Votes were 44-38

The biggest blowouts were quite huge. “Immigrant Song” (1st) demolished “The Ocean” (17th), 68-16. But even that wasn’t the largest crushing, which belonged to “When the Levee Breaks” (2nd) trouncing “Hey, Hey, What can I Do” (14th) 70-16. I credit the Zepparella cover.

As for the closest match? There were a couple squeakers but nothing closer than “Whole Lotta Love” (4th) vs “Stairway to Heaven” (10th), where the final count was 43-41… Stairway!

Album breakdown (and following this I’ll just provide a list of song titles with albums in parentheses):


Knocked out in the last round: Led Zeppelin; In Through the Out Door

Led Zeppelin II is banking on “Ramble On”

Led Zeppelin III has only one paltry little ditty called “Immigrant Song” left

Led Zeppelin IV still has 3 songs (“Misty Mountain,” “Stairway,” and “When the Levee Breaks”)

Houses of the Holy hangs on to “Over the Hills and Far Away” and “The Rain Song”

Lastly, Physical Graffiti retains “Kashmir”


Voting shall remain open until 2200 Eastern Time on Thursday, July 28th.